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Interview with Erica Jackson:

SGE - Where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?

EJ - In the principles' office. I was a junior in high school, and my boyfriend had me pushed up against the office door, so our principle couldn't open it if she came back sooner than expected.

SGE - If you could hook up with any female celebrity, who would it be and why?

EJ - Megan Fox. Her long, dark hair makes me want to pull it. Her lips look so kissable, and I love her bad girl attitude.

SGE - What’s your favorite part on a man?

EJ - His mouth, because I can find sooo many uses for it!

SGE -What’s your favorite sex position?

EJ - Extreme doggy style. I want my face pushed down in the mattress, and my ass up in the air. If I start to pull away because the pleasure is too much and I’m about to cum (but trying not to), pull my hair and hold me in place until I do. By that time, I’m sure you’ll be ready as well.

SGE -Tell us an interesting sexual fact about yourself.

EJ - I have the ability to cum multiple times, and can control when I have them. Meaning if you want me to cum when you are, I’m all game. There’s no feeling like a good girl and a bad daddy coming at the same time.

SGE -Do you watch porn?

EJ - Yes, but I prefer to watch it with someone and act out the scenes. Jenna Haze movies are my favorite.

SGE -Do you enjoy oral sex?

EJ - YES! I love to give it and receive it. I get dripping wet when I see my man’s toes curl and I know that at any moment he’s going to explode in the back of my throat. Yea, I said it.

SGE - In the bedroom, do you like be in charge or do you prefer to be dominated?

EJ - Definitely dominated. I’m only 22, and even though I like to think I’m experienced, I like being showed new tricks and being told what to do. Sometimes I even like being pinned down and lightly choked. You know that quote boys. . . "Choke me, spank me, pull my hair."

SGE - You said you have multiple orgasms. What’s the most you’ve had in one session?

EJ - Only five so far, but I’m looking to break that record.

SGE - What is your ultimate fantasy?

EJ - My ultimate fantasy is to be giving my man road head, while he’s driving an Aston Martin to a red carpet event. But before he cums I stop, lift my Versace dress, and mount him. I ride him hard as he’s driving, and other drivers can see us through the window. We clock 120 mph and I whisper in his ear, demanding that he cum. . . and he does, just as we’re pulling up to the red carpet. I manage to slide back into my seat before the paparazzi get a picture, but reporters say he had a billion dollar smile.

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