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AGE: N/A | FROM: Oakland, CA | Website: >>
Interview with Tiara:

SGE - How did you become to be so comfortable in front of the camera?

T - Since I was a kid I’ve had a passion to take pictures….I love being in front of the camera….Pictures radiate energy and I smile a lot specifically to give off lots of positive energy, but I also embrace fully sexuality and sensuality and it’s a great feeling so I also give that off as well in photos

SGE - How did you become so comfortable without your clothes on?

T - It always seemed natural to be naked…I’ve never been ashamed of my body or myself and being naked is one of the freest feelings in the world…feels great to skinny dip in the ocean or stand on top of a mountain butt naked…It also makes me feel open…nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of……I celebrate what nudity represents, I love being naked!

SGE - Quickies or Lovemaking?

T - Whatever works at the time and depending on what type of vibe we are in….sometimes a quick animalistic session releases tension and stress and works for us both, sometimes a three hour trip to heaven in form of lovemaking is what we feel like doing….either way it’s the true connection you have with somebody on all levels that make any type of sex you have for a short period or a long period of time great…..

SGE - What makes you sexy?

T - It’s a inner feeling I have…I feel beautiful and sensual and sexy and it shows…you can’t try to be sexy, you just have to be sexy and feel it….it shows and people pick up on it….and people are drawn to sexiness and that energy….It feels good

SGE - Sex on the first date or wait?

T - I’m a grown woman….I can pick up on peoples energy and their vibes….I can tell when a man is fronting or when he’s masking low self esteem or is unsure of himself and none of that is attractive…those types don’t even get a first date…If I’m feeling you, and we vibin and are open to each other and it’s a mutual physical attraction sex on the first date is not a problem…..if it goes any further great…if it doesn’t then life goes on and I will run across other compatible mates ….I don’t judge myself or beat myself up for being human and following my feelings

SGE - Are you into women or threesomes?

T - I think women are beautiful, I admire and appreciate beauty just as many others do…I have yet to be compelled to be with one sexually and I think while having a threesome with another female if all parties aren’t into the act then it’s not as fulfilling as it could be if everybody was into it full heartedly…so no I’ve never had a threesome…on the flip side….threesomes with two men I feel the same way….I never had one but it seems the most fulfilling one would be when everybody was into everybody, most men would never admit that , but a lot of them enjoy interacting with the man as well when they engage in threesomes with women…:)

SGE - What is the perfect first date?

T - A spa day….relaxing by the pool, getting couple massages, steam room, pampering…an atmosphere where we can relax and open up to each other and really get to know each other…not in the presence of too many other people, no reasons to try and wear a mask, just be able to be yourrself enjoy each other’s company

SGE - Are you very sexual?

T - Sexual energy is the most powerful energy we poses…it’s the life-force energy that creates life, heals , pleasures, and it’s what keeps us alive….it’s a GOD given energy and is very natural….lots of people have unhealthy attitudes about sex and engage in unhealthy behaviors when it comes to it…..our bodies are our temples….what we put into it absorbs into us….you know the saying you are what you eat….also you are who you have sex with…..I vibe with men who have the same healthy attitude towards sex that I have and who know the deeper meaning of it is to do more than bust a nut….with the right person with the right type of energy I can be very sexual….with the wrong person I can be cold as ice….

SGE - Where do you see yourself in five years?

T - Taking pictures will always be a passion of mines, I was taking them before I started modeling I’m sure I will be taking them when I’m finished…but in the future I’m already working towards a career in holistic health….overall mental, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual health, along with nutritional and herbalist consultant, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and mind-body transformational psychology ….

SGE - Where can we find you at?

T - my official website….I have over 10,000 photos, lots of videos, video diary and lots of interaction…..I also have a DVD out called “Evolution”….about me evolving not only as a model but also as a woman….its a true expression of myself, as well as my site….how I feel, what Im about, my thoughts and feelings and passions…..

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