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More Images of Yesenia Bustillo:

SHOW 16 Latina Cover model - Yesenia Bustillo
Interview with Yesenia Bustillo:

SGE - What’s it like to be featured in SHOW Magazine?

YB - I have always been a huge fan of SHOW magazine and to be featured in the issue is an indescribable feeling, AMAZING would be an understatement.

SGE - What was your favorite part of the shoot?

YB - Truly, I loved everything about it! The whole SHOW/Slickforce glam squad, the different sets and just being part of the sexy and fierce ambiance that the room portrayed was awesome.

SGE - Describe your ideal guy...

YB - I love a guy that is tall, STRONG and handsome.  Someone who can pick me up and toss me around :)  Though aside from the physical, I like a guy who is intelligent, charismatic, romantic, funny, down to earth, sweet and who knows how to have a good time.  

SGE - What would be your ideal date?

YB - My ideal date would to be taken to an all day spa receiving a couple’s massage followed by a VERY romantic dinner with soft lighting, candles, and wine while Maxwell plays in the background.  This dinner would ideally be cooked by my date. Love a man who cannot only throw it down in bed but in the kitchen as well.

SGE - What is your fantasy?

YB - I’d love to be lost in a deserted tropical island and be captured by a SEXY ass native who will take my mind and body completely!!! With no one else around but the two of us we would engage in the most sensual yet aggressive sexual relations out on the shore as the sun sets.

SGE - What is your weak spot?

YB - Definitely my inner thighs and neck, that’ll get me going…

SGE - How can a guy make you fall in love?

YB - Treat me like a princess, love me, respect me, make me laugh and definitely know how to please me sexually! That’s a must.

SGE - What turns you off?

YB - A man who is possessive! Gotta give a girl some space!

SGE - If you had a chance to hook up with any celebrity woman who would that be and why?

YB - Hands down, Adriana Lima! Not only is she crazy sexy but she has the most amazing lips!

SGE - What do you do for fun?

YB -Dance! I love to dance, hang out with my family and friends and travel.
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