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AGE: 25 | FROM: Miami, FL | Website: >>
Interview with Cubana Lust:

SGE - Now this may sound like a silly question since we know your spanish is more fluent then most of the Latina models we know, but are you Cuban?

CL - Yes. I'm 100% Cuban. Both my parents are from Santiago, Cuba. I was born in LA, and raised in the Little Havana area of Miami, FL. I actually learned spanish before I learned English!

SGE - Where have we seen you?

CL - SHOW Magazine of course! [Laughing] I love my cover. I have also become one of the most wanted urban internet video models.
I had one video get over 2 million views in the first 7 days!  I've built a fan base internationally and so far I've been on tour everywhere, even as far as Japan. I’ve also been doing music videos like Three Six Mafia, “Loli Loli”, and I have my website up and running now

SGE - You were the talk of the LA DUB Show this year. How was it to host the SHOW booth?

CL - Ahhh, I had so much fun signing my SHOW cover and taking pictures with all my fans. People were showing me so much love. Our line wrapped around and all the way down past other peoples booths!

SGE - What’s your favorite body part? Why?

CL - I’m usually complimented on my smile, eyes, and skin, but of course the booty is #1. It’s juicy, and it’s all natural!


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