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AGE: 22 | FROM: Orange County, CA | Website: >>
Interview with JESIKAH MAXIMUS:

SGE - You look familiar. Where have we seen you before?

JM - For sure you know me from my first cover, SHOW Black Lingerie Issue #2. However, I'm also pretty popular on MySpace (   so there is that as well. I'm also on the cover of the Black Men's 10 year Anniversary issue. My photographer Nick Saglimbeni shot that cover as well, and it looks great. He also shot my first SSX issue which comes out later this summer, as well as my previous spread in Blackmen's. So even if I didn't look familiar now, you certainly will be seeing a lot more of me. Oh, I will be launching my official website this summer as well,

SGE - What other projects have you done and what do you have on the horizon?

JM - I'm doing a lot with right now. We currently have a commercial running on BET. You can check  for more information in addition to downloading my mobile wall papers. I still have a wall paper deal with Jamster as well. You can catch my Jamster commercials on Fuse TV and MTVTres. Hopefully you will be able to see me in your town this summer since I will be hosting a lot of events across the country. Just keep an eye on my MySpace and you will know where I will be at all times.

SGE - What can we expect from your upcoming website

JM - Expect it to be filled with a ton of hot exclusive images shot by Nick Saglimbeni of SlickForce Studios as well as DamirK from Notion Photography. I know I want the site to be colorful and technologically advanced. There will certainly be a lot of buzz surrounding the site but I don't want to give away too many secrets.  We are putting up a new splash page shortly, so go there and leave me your email so I can keep you up to date on the site. The site will be my portal to the world. Everything I do will be featured on the site. It will be a direct connection between me and my fans.

SGE - How did you come up with the name Jesikah Maximus?

JM - I love the movie Gladiator so I adopted the name of the lead character. He was strong, fearless and put his family above everything else. That's kind of like me.

SGE - What kind of themed photo shoots do you want to do?

JM - I would love to do a gladiator themed shoot. I also love Super Heroes so I wouldn't mind dressing up like a bunch of them. Note to the fans: send me your requests. Who would you want to me dressed as?

SGE - We hear you went to Puerto Rico to shoot a Calendar. How was that?

JM - Puerto Rico is very beautiful. The people really embraced us down there and the natural landscapes are spectacular. I speak Spanish fluently, so I enjoyed being able to communicate in both English and Spanish. I can't wait for you to see the calendar, it's going to look amazing. We shot under a 60 foot waterfall, in the middle of the ocean, on horseback and in some historic ruins to name a few of the locations. We really utilized the natural beauty of Puerto Rico to accentuate my beauty and vice versa. We were a perfect fit, me and PR.

SGE - How important is it for you to have a strong fan base in Latin America?

JM - I'm Latina myself, so of course I hope to grow a strong following amongst the Spanish speaking world. On the way to Puerto Rico we flew on the plane with some students from South America and they showed me a lot of love. They asked me to take pictures and sign autographs. Latin American culture embraces curvy women and they are not afraid to show a little sex appeal, so that's perfect for me. When my calendar drops we plan to return to PR and do a tour of Mexico and South America to promote it.

SGE - What else do you hope to accomplish in your career?

JM - I want to achieve financial stability. It is so important to establish certain financial goals when you embark on a new career. As a model, you should not be afraid to be motivated my wealth. What we do is no different from any other career. My goal is to be very successful and to earn a good living doing it. That being said, I hope to accomplish a great deal. I definitely want to enjoy main stream success. Hopefully this will allow me to give back to others in my community who are in need. In Los Angeles, not too far from the studio where we shoot, you see a lot of homeless families and general despair. I would love to be in a position to help these individuals. At some point in my life I want to start a foundation that provides homeless children with adequate shelter and educations. If I can use my success to help others then I will feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I'm definitely not in this alone, so I want to thank those that are helping me along this journey including the fans, all the magazines that show me love, including SHOW, my management team, especially my manager St. Gian, Team Maximus and Nick, the hottest photographer on the planet for making me look so good!

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