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More Images of Angell Conwell:

Angell Conwell - HER WAY OF LIFE By Korie J. Mackie

Look familiar? If you own a television, you’ve seen actress Angell Conwell.  Acting has been her only profession, beginning at age 11.  She hit the big screen at 17 in John Singleton’s “Baby Boy”, followed by Lions Gate’s “The Wash” and soon after, MGM’s controversial comedy “Soul Plane”.  Her versatility has been displayed on dozens of television shows on networks across the board, including “NYPD Blue” and Disney’s “That’s So Raven”. 

Yes, the combination of beauty and talent is rare, but Angell is the product of this equation. From the looks of her resume, the roles that she’s portrayed  ranges from night and day. Thus, confirming that comeliness and natural endowment not only come as a package, but separates the real from the illusion. A lot of so called celebrities these days have been packaged and placed like products, forcing themselves on the audience instead of having an authentic appeal. Clearly this 26 year old stunner has paid her dues, even SAG can validate that, but what does she really desire for her career, and more so, for herself? Time to get personal with this down south valley girl.

Interview with Angell Conwell:

SGE - Describe yourself in 3 words.

AC - I would say observant, playful, and hungry.

SGE - We hear you can really get down on the eats!

AC - Of course I can, I’m from the south, very much a southern girl in that sense. I play no games when it comes to grubbing!

SGE - Do you cook?

AC - I do… I cook a little of this and that. I can definitely afford to take 1 or 2 cooking classes…

SGE - If I asked your boyfriend to describe you in 3 words, what do you think his answers would be??

AC - Lovable, smart-ass, and a rider.

SGE - Does Angell Conwell have a dream man?

AC - No, something is corny about the “dream man” concept.

SGE - What is your ideal date?

AC - Depends on who the date is with! A mixture of good food, fun, and conversation. I appreciate spontaneity. 

SGE - Since you’re an actress, are you approachable?

AC - I would say yes, but I’ve heard that I come across as intimidating? That’s unfortunate, because I’m really a fun loving person.

SGE - Have you ever had any weird or uncomfortable encounters

AC - I had a situation where a comedian took his joke too far. And it’s funny because I know a lot of his personal information that I’m sure he wouldn’t have liked to hear. I could’ve really put him on front street in front of thousands of people, but lucky for him, I’m not that type of gal.

SGE - All of us have one, who is your rapper crush?

AC - Mason Betha, was the last time I had a crush on a rapper, I was 13 or 14 at the time. I was in love…even after the shiny suit mess. (she laughs)

SGE - Have you ever felt that your job was not taken seriously?

AC - Since most people tend to see the glamorous side, they buy into that and think that it’s as easy as 1 2 3. They don’t see the blood, sweat and tears that go into being in this crazy business with all these crazy folk. (she laughs)

SGE - Why do you think people want to be actors/actresses?

AC - It appears to be a glitzy, stress free lifestyle. And it can be at times, but if that’s the only reason someone is interested in acting, it won’t fulfill them for long.

SGE - What is your favorite sexual postiton??

AC - It depends on the day. But I will say, I definitely like for my man to handle me. (she smiles)

SGE - Would you strip for your man?

AC - Gladly.

SGE - What do you want to be known for, or known as?

AC - At the end of the day, I can’t care about the opinions of people who don’t care about me.

SGE - Does your job ever get boring?

AC - During the down time, if I let it become boring, it can be, yes. But I try to keep it exciting. I’m not easily bored because my wheels are always turning.

SGE - Do you see yourself doing anything other than acting?

AC - Definitely, producing for sure, designing and eventually being a wife and mother.

Fun Facts:

  1. She would much prefer a chick-fil-a sandwich over a gourmet meal most times.
  2. She is mortified by insects, especially ones that fly.
  3. She steals splenda and equal packets from coffee shops.
  4. She crawled backwards as a baby.
  5. She misses her Monday through Sunday undies she used to wear in elementary school.
  6. She has a love/hate relationship with twitter.
  7. She wishes it wasn’t such a fashion faux pau to wear granny panties.
  8. She loves the smell of gasoline.
  9. She has no tonsils or adnoids.
  10.  She has not eaten pork or red meat since 2003.

Look for Angell in the upcoming romantic comedy “Perfect Combination”, as lex in early 2010.

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