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BLACK LINGERIE #15 - January 17th, 2012 - Cover: Maliah Michel

252 Photos / 12 Galleries / now online.

Definitely our most powerful Black Lingerie issue in a long time. This one features Drakes x-girlfriend Maliah Michel as well as Tammy Torres who is best known as Lil Waynes X-girlfriend, famous for breaking his heart. But, we didnt stop there. We also filled it with todays hottest vixens including SHOW favorite Khrysti Hill, Marisa Elise, Jade Wifey, Erica Jackson and many more. The issue is on sale January 9th, so go pick it up!
Photos: 12 Galleries Online
Photos: 252 Photos Online
Photos: 176.4 MB of Photos Online

Release Date: January 17th, 2012
Brianna Jordan Photos
Brianna Jordan
17 Photos
Dominique C. Photos
Dominique C.
16 Photos
Erica Jackson Photos
Erica Jackson
21 Photos
Felicia Monroe Photos
Felicia Monroe
16 Photos
Heather Nikole Photos
Heather Nikole
12 Photos
Jade Wifey Photos
Jade Wifey
16 Photos
Khrysti Hill Photos
Khrysti Hill
8 Photos
Kianna Photos
17 Photos
Kim Lee Photos
Kim Lee
16 Photos
Maliah Michel Photos
Maliah Michel
20 Photos
Miss Faren Photos
Miss Faren
16 Photos
Portia Jenkins Photos
Portia Jenkins
13 Photos
Raven Lexy Photos
Raven Lexy
16 Photos
Stephanie A. Photos
Stephanie A.
16 Photos
Tahiti Cora Photos
Tahiti Cora
16 Photos
Tammy Torres Photos
Tammy Torres
16 Photos

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