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Maliah Michel Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Maliah Michel in BLACK LINGERIE #15

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Modeling was never something I wanted to do. I always been an exotic dancer and never thought I was pretty enough to model and way too heavy. I got my start when a well known producer (Erick White) who use to pop into the club I worked at talked me into doing a music video "Bad" Yin Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones. A few days later I did a shoot with a photographer out of Malibu Beach (Greg). Sean Cummings saw the video and contacted Greg about my pics. Sean set me up with Treagen Colston and Candice Jai from TKM girls. I had an awesome photo-shoot with them and from that point on things just started to happen.

Modeling came natural to me. being a dancer is a lot like modeling. U have to know what angles look best to the viewer, eye contact, being suggestive, ect. I really feel like they have worked hand in hand for me. The popularity I have gained in the club and out has been extremely rewarding. I am, my business. Maliah Michel Entertainment Inc. I have managed to make myself my biggest asset. I have been all over the country and even out of the US modeling. Ive been places and met people I never ever imagined I would. This experience has shown me that anything is possible and you dont always have to know where you are going in life. Just sincerely keep your heart in the right place and try to make the wisest decisions possible when opportunities come to you. Dont be afraid to try new and different things. Have YOUR personal rules, dont break them no matter how promising a situation looks and BE PATIENT.

Now I have my sites set on acting. I love it. Im just so shy. Odd right? A shy dancer/model. Truth is: talking with your body and talking with your mouth are two very different worlds. Acting is a huge outlet for me. I can escape from myself and be someone else for a little while. Its my therapy. I am also writing a book which will be about my life but in novel form. Hopefully it will inspire women like me to believe in themselves no matter how many people it seems are trying to drag you down. In addition to my book I am also putting together a series of dvds showing women how to be sexy for themselves in the form of dance. I say be sexy for themselves because once u master that, sexy becomes internal and we are our worst critics. When u r trying to please someone else (say your man) u tend to be concerned the whole time about what they think, u cant be genuine that way. But when you learn to let go and do what makes you feel utterly delicious ladies that mentality goes with you everywhere. Dancing is powerful. If women can learn to be sexy for themselves and have fun with it, it becomes second nature after all we are women and what in the whole world is sexier than a woman?

All of my future plans are in motion right now and Im confidant things are going to work out just fine. I have good people in my corner and great management (Amina @AminaDiop contact her for bookings) you can find more of me at or follow me on twitter @IAmMaliahMichel

I also want to say publicly that I have a lot of respect for Sean Cummings. Who wanted to manage me when I started. If I would have stayed loyal to the people who put me on (Sean and Treagen) instead of compromising what I know is right to move forward things probably would have run smoother for me in this industry. Ive had some bad managers and shady people around me boy I tell ya lol. But, things work out and I am very excited about my 1st shoot with SHOW Magazine its been long over due. Thanks again Sean xoxo

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