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ISSUE #11 - September 2008 - Cover: Jessica Burciaga

604 Photos / 24 Galleries / now online.

Every time I put together an issue of SHOW I want it to be so HOT that I say to myself, "How am I going to top this one?" Thats the position I find myself in with this edition. SHOW #11, also known as SHOW Latina is so freaking ridiculous that we will be hard pressed to do any better with our next issue. Dont worry however; we are certainly up to the task.

Think about it for a minute, though. SHOW Celeb Jesikah Maximus is enough to make this issue sell out. Add in Brazilian beauty queen Suelyn and already its our best SHOW ever. If that wasnt enough for you, we brought back Destiny, who rocked SHOW Black Lingerie #2. Then we just got certifiably ill and decided to utilize this issue to introduce a chick who may go down as the hottest SHOW Girl ever for many of you. Thats saying a lot, but super cutie Jessica Burciaga has international stardom written all over her. The real crazy thing is that many of you will find new comers NaNa and Natalie Rodriquez to be the finest models in the entire issue. Thats just how stacked this edition is.

What a way to introduce our newest spin off SHOW Latina! This issue is sponsored in part by Howard Misle and In Ya Face Entertainment, so it is officially known as the "In Ya Face" Issue. Thanks to our affiliation with the man affectionately known as "Big H", we have been able to out-do ourselves this time. Notice has been served that you are witnessing the continuance of our dominance and the beginning of a dynasty. The bar has been set.
Photos: 24 Galleries Online
Photos: 604 Photos Online
Photos: 422.8 MB of Photos Online
Issue: ISSUE #11

Release Date: September 2008
Alana Photos
15 Photos
Alicia Photos
175 Photos
Destiny Photos
18 Photos
Jacquelyn Photos
15 Photos
Jesikah Maximus Photos
Jesikah Maximus
20 Photos
Jessica Burciaga Photos
Jessica Burciaga
30 Photos
Joanna Pena Photos
Joanna Pena
12 Photos
Kristine Photos
261 Photos
Nana Photos
21 Photos
Natalie R. Photos
Natalie R.
14 Photos
Suelyn Medeiros Photos
Suelyn Medeiros
23 Photos

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