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ISSUE #1 PREMIER - Spring 2006 - Cover: Erica

59 Photos / 12 Galleries / now online.

Making its debut in April 2006 the Premier Issue is still the gold standard. This hard to find issue is certainly the most valued collectors item of all the SHOW publications. The Art of Sexy was originally defined in this first issue. This is where it all started. The crisp colorful over sized images, the beautiful voyeuristic portraits showcasing the sexy model next door". You can find it all here perfectly illustrated by the photography of Mark Mann. Ironically enough, this is the only issue ever shot by Mark for SHOW, making it even more of a rare gem.
More importantly, this issue ushered onto the scene such models as Khrysti Hill, Tayo and Serena, not to mention the beautiful cover model Erica Mena.
Photos: 12 Galleries Online
Photos: 59 Photos Online
Photos: 41.3 MB of Photos Online

Release Date: Spring 2006
Cover Girl: ERICA
Aishia Photos
5 Photos
Amber Fox Photos
Amber Fox
5 Photos
Asia Photos
4 Photos
Chuanda Photos
5 Photos
Ebony Photos
5 Photos
Erica Mena Photos
Erica Mena
4 Photos
Katrelle Photos
4 Photos
Khrysti Hill Photos
Khrysti Hill
8 Photos
Serena Photos
6 Photos
Tayo Photos
5 Photos
Tera Photos
4 Photos
Vanessa Veasley Photos
Vanessa Veasley
4 Photos

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