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SHOW #23

SHOW #23 - October 16, 2012 - Cover: Cubana Lust

193 Photos / 10 Galleries / now online.

Our philosophy at SHOW has always been to produce "The Art of Sexy".
Its both wonderful and unbelievable that we have been able to do
this at such a high level for six years now. We aim to get to year ten still
going strong and on top of the game.

As much as we love introducing new talent and up and coming
models, (in this issue we have some beautiful bright spots such as
Brooklynn Chanel, Airykah Kane, Sasha Daii, Shante Dash and Jade
Olivia), we are always most proud to feature long time SHOWgirls such
as cover models Bria Myles and Cubana Lust, who both got their start
on our pages. But of course, we are just as happy and lucky to have
the likes of industry stars Tahiry, Ophilia and Brooke Bailey as well.

I truly love what we do! We have brought you the most beautiful
images of the sexiest women for some time now, and we are only going
to get better at doing it, as well as find more ways to do so. In addition
to the print edition and our amazing website www.SHOWGirlzExclusive.
com, we now have exclusive editions available on and
digital downloads available in the Android marketplace. Just recently
we launched our official web cam site
where you can interact and privately video chat with our super sexy
Photos: 10 Galleries Online
Photos: 193 Photos Online
Photos: 135.1 MB of Photos Online
Issue: SHOW #23

Release Date: October 16, 2012
Airykah Kane Photos
Airykah Kane
15 Photos
Beautifull April Photos
Beautifull April
12 Photos
Bria Myles Photos
Bria Myles
16 Photos
Brooke Bailey Photos
Brooke Bailey
15 Photos
Brooke D. Photos
Brooke D.
16 Photos
Brooklynn Chanel Photos
Brooklynn Chanel
13 Photos
Cubana Lust Photos
Cubana Lust
16 Photos
Ellesse Danielle Photos
Ellesse Danielle
12 Photos
Jade Olivia Photos
Jade Olivia
16 Photos
Ophilia Photos
14 Photos
Sasha Daii Photos
Sasha Daii
16 Photos
Shante Dash Photos
Shante Dash
16 Photos
Tahiry Photos
16 Photos

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