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Beautifull April Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Beautifull April in SHOW #23

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Hello everyone, my name is April better known as Beautifull April representing Los Angeles, California. Im an exotic mix of Puerto Rican and Black with an eye popping figure of 34E- 27- 41, standing at 54. Ive been modeling a little over 2 years now and I can say its a very exciting job! I travel alot, I love to see the world and experience different lifestyles & other cultures. Life is beautiful but you have to be spontainious and open to expericence it.

Other then modeling there is alot to me then looks *winks* Im a very domestic, and a hopless romantic. I believe that being a woman your suppose to have certain qualities. For example, when Im in a relantionship with a man I like to cook, clean, and cater to him. Dont get me wrong, not everyone gets this opportunity, you have to bring something to the table other the SEX. I love smart men with class! 

People that know me would say Im "The jack of all trades" because Im super talented at everything I do. Im a creator, an artist, I enjoy designing/making clothes, editing videos, photoshopping pictures, writing, and I also have my licence in cosmetology.

Ive been published in other magazines and have done plenty of music videos by some of your favorite hip hop artist such as 2 Chainz, Big sean, Busta Rhymes, Frank Ocean, YG, Wiz Khalifa, & Currency to name a few. This is a very competetive industry, but I love it bcuz I feel that my beautiful collegues keep me on my toes. Only the strong can survive, and this is only the begining...

Special thanks to SHOW and Sean Cummings for having the patience with me and extending this opportunity to grace their pages xoxo.

Twitter @BeautifullApril

Instagram @BeautifullApril

Tumblr: MsBeautifullApril

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