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Brooke D. Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Brooke D. in SHOW #23

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Hello everyone let me start by saying my name is Brooke. I was born in Atlanta Georgia but left when I was five and moved to, and grew up in NY! Im a bartender/entertainer. I love looking good feeling good staying fit and healthy, on and off camera.

Surprisingly a friend told Sean about me and he hit me up to come shoot for the SHOW! So of course my response was...YAAAY!!! Its always been a dream for me to grace the pages of SHOW. So it is an honor.

Some of my goals are to become an actor, a computer engineering and to open up a hot restaurant. Im taking acting classes now in NYC. Im a total geek who loves everything about computers from putting them together taking them apart and programming.

I enjoy cooking anything from soul food, Italian, Latin, seafood to drizzling hot chocolate on a few ripe fresh strawberries. Cant forget about the sexy apron or in the nude either, ha-ha The things

I like to do the most are spending time with family and close friends! I also like laying on the beach, swimming, jet skiing, shopping, traveling, playing soccer, volleyball, laughing and having meaningful conversations.

Some qualities I look for in a man is he has to be grounded, knows how to give unconditional love as well as receive it, honest, loyal, sincere, genuine, non-judge mental, witty, powerful, have a good sense of humor, ambitious a little cockiness is cool too, lol. My dreams are to live a life to my highest potential! (twitter)

For bookings: @Sweet_caked

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