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Brooklynn Chanel Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Brooklynn Chanel in SHOW #23

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My name is Brooklynn Chanel and I am excited to be in SHOW 23! I think the beautiful women of SHOW are extraordinarily sexy, so becoming a SHOWgirl is mind-blowing.

Anytime I meet people they can never figure out my Ethnicity. Can you guess? I would describe myself as fun loving. Im from Los Angeles, so the beach with some sun and an evening bonfire are my idea of a perfect day. As a Sagittarius, I like to be adventurous and meet new people. I also enjoy watching Basketball. I could sit with the guys and politic about it all day. I love my family, no matter how crazy we all get. There is never a dull moment with them.

I started modeling almost two years ago and have had run-ins with some of the biggest artist today. My first break was when I got called for a video with a new artist at the time named Wiz Khalifa for the remix to his hit song Black and Yellow. I didnt even know what he looked like until I googled him the night before ☺. I was nervous but met Nichelle D on set and she gave me the courage to kill it. That was my first feature and I have been in love ever since. Ive been fortunate enough to come across wonderful people in this industry, like Mr. Cummings. Modeling has truly been great.

From as far back as I can remember I was performing in talent shows and Musicals. My inspiration is Beyoncé because of her grace and fiery presence. Im always the cousin who turns on Michael Jackson at the Christmas party, and will dance the whole night. Music inspires my life. Its how I express myself.

Im excited for this year because I have a few projects and deals that are in the works, so be on the look out for that. Im also working on a mixtape that will be coming soon. The next time you see me you will be yelling “Where Brooklynn At?!”

Have you figured it out yet? Incase you havent, Im a unique mix of Brazilian, French, German, Native American, and Japanese.

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