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Airykah Kane Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Airykah Kane in SHOW #23

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AGE: N/A | FROM: Orange County, CA | FEATURED IN: SHOW #23

The most common word others use to describe me is happy. I see myself as an optimistic opportunist, who prefers to dwell, not on my glass being ½ empty or full but on the contents of the cup & the sensation of being quenched. I was born in Texas, yet cannot claim any 1 particular territory as I have lived in 7 different states consecutively, including CA, MI, KY, TN, IL, AL. I speak Pig Latin fluently, with English being my second language, lol. My heritage is racially diverse, but its those XX chromosomes that mean the most to me.

This is my debut in the modeling sphere & I appreciate Sir Cummings for the chance to be apart of his infamous SHOW publication. As a child, I dreamed of walking the yellow brick road through Hollywood to follow in the footsteps of my great-great aunt, Zola Taylor, one of the original singers for the group The Platters. Music is like a spirit that gives life to our muted, tangle of feelings and emotions. It provides a necessary outlet for creative expression of the individuals inner joy and turmoil. The ability to convey that facet of the human experience so clearly is a gift Ive always cherished and admired.

The first music video that captivated my young imagination was M.Js “Remember The Time.” Ever since then, I have been intrigued by the visual adaptations of my favorite songs, ancient Egypt, and of course with the lives of its phenomenal women such as Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra.

Aside from this new found hobby of mine, I enjoy dancing, improvisational theatre, singing in the shower, reading, spending time w/ family, communing w/ God, and pursuing my degree in history and literature. My favorite classes, thus far, have been Animal Science, Astronomy, Human Sexuality, World Religions, and Womens History.

Keep an eye open for the new music video by Love & Hip-Hop ATLs @KarlieRedd feat. @MainohustleHard, you just might see a familiar face. There is a special place in my heart for the friends & family that supported me on this risqué venture. A Huge thanks to Tee at

I can be reached on twitter @DisEnChanted87 and Booked via:

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