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ART OF SEXY #3 - August 2011 - Cover: Melissa Riso

124 Photos / 6 Galleries / now online.

The Art of Sexy is our 100% ALL-NUDE title featuring sexy SHOWgirls who show it all. Enjoy the beautiful female body as it was intended! Melissa Riso, Naked Stephy and Adult film star Codii Bryant, to name a few, are here for you, and they are here to please! Exclusive images and HD video from this issue will be live on SGE in one month. But dont wait. Go to your newstand and pick up this issue now, as it will be a collectors item. Enjoy!
Photos: 6 Galleries Online
Photos: 124 Photos Online
Photos: 86.8 MB of Photos Online
Issue: ART OF SEXY #3

Release Date: August 2011
Assia Photos
16 Photos
Codi Bryant Photos
Codi Bryant
14 Photos
Jessica Vaugn Photos
Jessica Vaugn
16 Photos
Kendra J. Photos
Kendra J.
15 Photos
Mellisa Riso Photos
Mellisa Riso
16 Photos
Mia Malee Photos
Mia Malee
16 Photos
Michelle D. Photos
Michelle D.
15 Photos
Stephy C Photos
Stephy C
16 Photos

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