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Mellisa Riso Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Mellisa Riso in ART OF SEXY #3

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Melissa Riso

I am one busy girl when Im not modeling. I am a hair stylist during the day and I work at San Diegos hottest nightclub at night. I am from Nor Cal and moved to San Diego about six years ago. I love the weather and throwing pool parties on my days off.

I just had a show come out called "Bad Ass" be sure to check me out on Playboy TV. In the show Im doing hardcore sports and activities that normally only guys do. Im bungee jumping, driving quads in the desert, racing Lamborghinis and other crazy activities. My dad raised me and my older sister alone. He raised us to be very independent and hard working.

This was a great year for me. I got one five magazines and my show came out. Im very thank you for the people that believe in me, and my hard work. My goal in life is to travel to Australia and Italy. I love to cook and throw dinner parties. My best dish is Lasagna.

I am currently single right now, finally so I am taking time off from relationships and enjoying being single for once. What I do want in my next relationship is a real man! Lol! That has his life together and no baggage. Just positive. I think I am a very feisty young lady with a strong drive to succeed. So thats a little bit about me in a nutshell.

Melissa Riso
Twitter is under @MsMelissaRiso; Facebook is under Melissa Riso

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