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KimU Photos & Videos

SGE Content for KimU in BLACK LINGERIE #27

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PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine_
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
HAIR STYLIST: Kiafa Renee, @WeaveBarnNYC
MAKEUP ARTIST: Seqoiya, @pureglam0ur
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

My name is Miss Niagrafallz aka Kimu, and I started modeling at the age 23. I was known for the exotic, wild, colorful dread locks and sexy classy yet risqué photos. I have always been known as the slim chick with the dreads. As the years went on I was approached by an owner of a Big DJ coalition through MySpace and began modeling for them for a few years. During that time period I started getting tattoos making myself a Human canvas to spice up my crazy style. I must say it worked out for me, I would do various of photo shoots and music videos here and there. My first magazine ever was with Dj Kayslay for straight Stuntin magazine actually 2 issues, Feds, don diva and a few tattoo magazines and I am thankful for that. Ive worked my behind off to make a name for myself, some people hated it but some people loved it. A few years later I decided to comb my dreads out, stop modeling and go after something else. That failed but it just made me come back into the modeling industry better than ever.

I must say things happen for a reason. It didnt stop my flow it just made me a better person more so refreshed! As time went on, I came across this guy, his company NWEMG reaching out for help. He came through and assisted me with everything I needed help with when he didnt have too. He asked me to join his company and of course my answer was yes!!!!! So, I thank Mistacoop for allowing me to bless his company and I thank him for getting things done as a stranger at the time and now friend/Manager should have.

Since being with Nwemg Ive done Ink masters season 4 the Nude edition, 2More Straight Stuntin issues. (And of course now Show Magazine) Ive done Music Videos (yeah ok and GTFOH) by the owner himself mistacoop. Im also working on a big project so stay tuned on that. All of this couldnt have been done without him. May God bless that man (all smiles)

Its so much more I would like to write but I dont want to sound all emotional lol. I am just thankful for everything thats been coming my way. I am blessed I love all my supporters and I am grateful for this SHOW Magazine spread. I appreciate everyone around me, and remember, dont take life for granted ;) I hope you enjoy my SHOW magazine spread just as well as I do. Ive always been a big fan of this mag and Im truly grateful for this opportunity. Thanks again Sean you rock!!!!

Im available for hosting, music videos, calendar shoots, video shoots, promotional modeling and bartending.

Stay tuned Ill be on a turn Table near you!!!!

Why do you call yourself KimU?
I call myself KimU because its more suitable than the old name I was going by, which was Miss Niagrafallz. (It sounded too much like a porn star name and it stopped me from getting a lot of bookings.

What are your measurements?

Where are you from?
New Jersey

What is your age?
If I told you, you wouldnt believe me.

Are you single?
Sad too say YES ;)

Whats your favorite sexual position(s)?
I would have to say from the side.... The pleasure from the side is always best for me but Im down for all positions (flip me around if you have too)

Do you like your hair pulled or choked during sex?
Of course I do... Its fun and it shows me youre into it just as much as I am.

Do you enjoy oral sex?
Well of course, but who doesnt? If you cant please me, dont look for it in return (50/50)

Wheres the craziest location youve had sex?
Oh boy! Lol Ummm, I guess my back yard ;) I couldnt wait to get in the house, I was craving for him so we enjoyed ourselves outside not caring if anyone walked passed or looked out their windows.

Are you into Porn?
Yes! Well Ill watch it with someone Im with and we can make our own ;) home movie!!!

If you had a chance to be with a woman would you?
I find some women attractive but my answer will have to be Absolutely NOT!!!! I enjoy men too much sorry ;)

You seem to be a private person when it comes to sexual things and your mate, is this true?
Yes, because I do not like to give up all my tricks in what I do with a person (I like for it to be a surprise) ;) you never know whatll I do too you. Lets just say youll be very pleased!!!!!

TWITTER: @_kimunwemg

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