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BLACK LINGERIE #27 - July 2015 - Cover: Nichelle

152 Photos / 12 Galleries / now online.

Black Lingerie 27 Part A is starring repeat cover girl Nichelle. Plus, Armani, Aizhan Bishop, Chyna West, Jayden, Marie Shawntay, Mz Fiesty, Nacole Reese, Sarah Rose, Sumore Noless, and Stephanie London.

Black Lingerie 27 Part B is starring Sophia Rosado, Model MiNova, Anteja, The Double Dose Twins, Brittany Jester, Olivia Desiree, Sandra, Ciera Lee, Kimu, Stephanie Sweets, and cover girl Ava J.

Order your printed issue of Black Lingerie 27, both parts, today here on This issue is also available on your iPad and Android devices through Zinio. Collect both editions, A & B today! Enjoy!
Photos: 12 Galleries Online
Photos: 152 Photos Online
Photos: 106.4 MB of Photos Online

Release Date: July 2015
Cover Girl: NICHELLE
Aizhan Bishop Photos
Aizhan Bishop
7 Photos
Anteja Photos
7 Photos
Armani Photos
7 Photos
Ava J Photos
Ava J
7 Photos
Bella Baby Photos
Bella Baby
11 Photos
Chyna West Photos
Chyna West
7 Photos
Ciera Lee Photos
Ciera Lee
7 Photos
Double Dose Twins Photos
Double Dose Twins
12 Photos
Jayden Photos
7 Photos
KimU Photos
7 Photos
Marie Shawntay Photos
Marie Shawntay
4 Photos
MiNova Photos
6 Photos
Mz. Fiesty Photos
Mz. Fiesty
4 Photos
Nacole Reese Photos
Nacole Reese
7 Photos
Nichelle Photos
7 Photos
Olivia Desiree Photos
Olivia Desiree
7 Photos
Sandra Photos
4 Photos
Sarah Rose Photos
Sarah Rose
7 Photos
Sophia Rosado Photos
Sophia Rosado
6 Photos
Stephanie London Photos
Stephanie London
7 Photos
Stephanie Sweets Photos
Stephanie Sweets
7 Photos
Sumore Noless  Photos
Sumore Noless
7 Photos

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