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Lisa Duffy Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Lisa Duffy in SHOW #29

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Lisa Duffy

PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine_
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
SHOT ON LOCATION AT: The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV
HAIR STYLIST & MAKEUP ARTIST: Esme Lucero, @esmemua
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

Hi! My name is Lisa Duffy. I am an up and coming model. This is my first feature in a widely known and distributed magazine and I couldn be more excited about it!! A little about me... I Grew up in New Mexico, but moved to California when I was 11. I spent my first few years in Nor Cal/Bay Area and I later moved to Southern California for school. I live a pretty healthy life style- I eat healthy, work out every day, I do yoga, pilates. hiking, swimming, running, etc. I am very adventurous and enjoy trying new and exciting things! I have a very bubbly personality and a positive outlook on life. I have learned first hand that hard work and living with a "treat others how you want to be treated" mentality really does pay off- What goes around really does come back around. I have been living basically on my own, with Nikki (my twin sister) since a very young age. I graduated college last year and I am in the process of moving to Las Vegas for a new job this month. Yes, I have an identical twin sister, no she does not model, yea I have gotten her to consider it…maybe with enough encouragement you can eventually see both of us on these pages together!

What got you into modeling?
The summer between high school and college I was working 5 jobs. I had a house cleaning job, I worked at a deli, two restaraunts, and I baby sat a toddler and a preteen. When I got into college I had gotten financial aid and two scholarships but I knew they would only go so far. I started brain storming jobs that would allow me to concentrate
on school, pay my bills, and start a savings. It came down to modeling and stripping. My mentality at the time was, I could either reveal my body to a bunch of strangers every day (possibly fellow students/peers) or I could reveal myself to an individual with a camera. I chose modeling. It wasn until I saw the images and I liked what I saw that I decided to take it seriously.

Tell me something you take pride in?
My sister, my body, and I take pride in helping people. Its kinda my best attribute/biggest flaw all wrapped in one. Im subconsciously attracted to fixer uppers.. It definitely causes me a lot of unnecessary heart ache and frustration but at the end of the day, if I can say that I helped someone accomplish a goal or even inspired them to eat healthy or work out that day, I feel good.

What is the most difficult part about revealing your body?
Well…I personally have no problem revealing my body, and that is probably the most difficult part. Not everybody views the naked body as a work of art, not everybody sees beauty in all shapes and sizes, and not everybody understands those who do. Some people treat it as solely a cry for attention or an attempt to show off. For me, it is a form of expression and comfort, and it bothers me when people treat me or talk about me like Im some lost misguided girl or attention whore when, in reality, I am the furthest away from either of those things. Im more so an undercover (kinda lol) nudist. If I could, I would walk around naked all the time. And if you actually knew me, you would see that I do most every chance I get!

Most embarrassing sexual experience?
Uh oh Ahaha…One time, I went out to dinner with this guy I was talking to. On our drive home I decided to "redeem" myself for an issue we had earlier that day... After I finished I sat up tall, with a "job well done/mission complete" kind of attitude, when suddenly he started moving around uncomfortably in the drivers seat.. I looked at him with a one eye brow lifted questioning type glance and he said "I think its the chicken wings"... I had forgotten that I had eaten a bunch of spicy chicken wings at dinner !! I guess my redemption blow job turned out to be a little hotter than I expected Ahaha

Whats your weak spot?
Neck, ears, inner thigh, upper back, stomach.. most everywhere except my calves if the touch is right lol

Interesting sexual fact?
I love men but women are beautiful too ;)

Do you prefer waxing or shaving? Bare or hair?
It depends on whether we are talking about men or women. Im in the process of laser hair removal all over my body. So, clearly, for females I definitely prefer soft and bare.
Males on the other hand, should keep their goods far far away from razors and wax! Leave it alone! I can stand when men shave down there because then its either smooth and feminine or it gets prickly.
Either way, it isn attractive.

How would your best friends describe you?
My friends always joke that if I wasn a cute girl with a high pitch voice then I would definitely be a registered sex offender. They would describe me as perverted, goofy, stubborn, smart, and loyal.

Outside of modeling what are your Goals?
My most relevant goal at the moment is to make and save as much $$ as possible working in nightclubs (which is my main job right now), through a few investments, and with the side gigs that I do. I haven quite decided what I want to do with it, though I do have a few ideas. A lesson that Ive learned is that it takes money to make money so thats what Im doing.
A more distant goal of mine has to do with my degree. I was a Sociology major with an emphasis in Women, Culture and Development. I eventually plan on going abroad and spending some time helping and educating women and children.

Favorite Song?
Or Nah remix (Ty $ and The Weeknd)
Moment For Life (Nicki Minaj & Drake)
2 On Thotful (Drake)
Bad remix (Wale & Rihanna)
To name a few off the top of my head, I love music. I could go on and on!

Do you have any secret talents?
Yes I do actually, I call it the "11," but thats all Im going to tell you about it.

Can we plan on seeing more of you?
I sure hope so! I will be auditioning for playmate soon, so wish me luck!

INSTAGRAM: @Prettyspharklez
TWITTER: @Prettyspharklez

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