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BLACK LINGERIE #25 - May 2015 - Cover: Cassiie Melinda

137 Photos / 11 Galleries / now online.

This is the issue you have all been waiting for, the Black Lingerie Latina Edition, which comes in two parts. Black Lingerie 25 Latina: NYC Edition features Latina hotties Eva, Bella, Savvy, Jessica, Mercedes Fox, Mileena Hayes, Delianna Urena, Jackie Valdez and Mizz DR. The second part of Black Lingerie 25 features Latina bombshells: Cassie Melinda, Chi Chi, Jasmine Callie, Salice Rose, Esther Padilla, Tanya Love, Jennifer Morel, Clarissa De Jesus, Stefanie Loren, and China Dall. Pick up your print copy today and spend everyday with your favorite SHOWGirl!
Photos: 11 Galleries Online
Photos: 137 Photos Online
Photos: 95.9 MB of Photos Online

Release Date: May 2015
Bella Photos
6 Photos
Cassiie Melinda Photos
Cassiie Melinda
7 Photos
Chi Chi Photos
Chi Chi
7 Photos
China Dall Photos
China Dall
6 Photos
Clarissa DeJesus Photos
Clarissa DeJesus
7 Photos
Delianna Urena Photos
Delianna Urena
7 Photos
Esther Padilla Photos
Esther Padilla
7 Photos
Eva Photos
7 Photos
Jackie Valdez Photos
Jackie Valdez
7 Photos
Jasmin Calle Photos
Jasmin Calle
7 Photos
Jeniffer Morel Photos
Jeniffer Morel
8 Photos
Jessica Photos
7 Photos
Mercedes Fox Photos
Mercedes Fox
7 Photos
Mileena Hayes Photos
Mileena Hayes
7 Photos
Mizz DR Photos
Mizz DR
7 Photos
Salice Rose Photos
Salice Rose
7 Photos
Savvy Photos
5 Photos
Stefanie Loren Photos
Stefanie Loren
7 Photos
Tanya Love Photos
Tanya Love
7 Photos
Whinny Munoz Photos
Whinny Munoz
7 Photos

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