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BLACK LINGERIE #10 - February 2nd, 2010 - Cover: Laura Dore

373 Photos / 14 Galleries / now online.

Our 10th issue of Black Lingerie is significant for many reasons. First of all, reaching 10 issues of any magazine, is a milestone. We chose to celebrate this occasion with a special cover promotion. We have release four collectors edition covers, all featuring Laura Dore, including our first ever animated cover, illustrated by pin=up artist Armanda Huerta. This special four cover promotion is the first time we have ever issued multiple covers all featuring the same model. The issue itself is nothing short of spectacular from top to bottom with the usual array of beautiful and voluptuous new comers, but make no mistake, the incomparable Laura Doré is the star of the SHOW! - The most important element of this issue release is that we are launching it on the website at the same time as the newsstand edition. You are now able to see exclusive images and video on the site while you enjoy the print version whenever and wherever. Now thats pretty dope. Enjoy!
Photos: 14 Galleries Online
Photos: 373 Photos Online
Photos: 261.1 MB of Photos Online

Release Date: February 2nd, 2010
Cover Girl: LAURA DORE
Candace Jai Photos
Candace Jai
26 Photos
Cris Photos
40 Photos
Dana Lee Photos
Dana Lee
14 Photos
Kaaydah Photos
38 Photos
Keyonna Photos
58 Photos
Laura Dore Photos
Laura Dore
54 Photos
Mya Bliss Photos
Mya Bliss
30 Photos
Sheneka Photos
52 Photos
Tehmeena Photos
34 Photos
Tierra Photos
27 Photos

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