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Please read the following statement carefully and complete the form below:

Please fill in all the information below: Submit between 4-8 lingerie or bikini images. Please also tape and submit a sexy audition video with your phone. You must hold up a sign at the beginning of the video that reads: Make me a SHOWGirl. If we like your sexy video audition and images, we will contact you directly to let you know how you can become a SHOWGirl!

Once your images and video are live on the site, be sure to copy the link and promote your submission via all your social networks. Instruct your fans, friends and family to vote for you by clicking on the link. Those with the highest rating and over 1000 votes will automatically receive consideration to become a SHOWgirl. If you have any questions email SEAN@CUMMINGSMEDIA.COM.

Thank you, and welcome to the SHOW!

Sean Cummings, CEO of cummingsMEDIA & Publisher of SHOW.

I want to shoot for SHOW and SHOWGirlzExclusive
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