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Tanya Renee Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Tanya Renee in BLACK LINGERIE #24

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Tanya Renee

PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine_
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
HAIR STYLIST: Benni Hanna @Skolar_Vangawd
MAKEUP ARTIST: Rhonda C @Rhondac_mua
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

Name: TanyaRenee
Location: Dallas, TX.

Ok rookie, what was it like shooting with SHOW for the first time?
At first I thought it was going to be a breeze. I had packed days before so I thought was fully prepared. I was so wrong! I messed up. I did not pack enough accessories or shoes. Sean got in my ass about that at the shoot! I felt about 10 centimeters tall. LOL!! We ended up Reshooting and I brought my completed outfits & looks. Moral of the story, Ladies bring lots of shoes & lots of accessories.

Do you consider yourself to be an exhibitionist or an ecdysiast?
Honestly I am both. Im extremely comfortable and confident with my body. Ive danced for years and I have never had a problem with nudity or sex. In fact, I love these hot Texas summers because I can be in a bikini (especially my clear string collection) most if the time.

What are your best qualities?
I love to Shut up and observe people. You learn so much more that way. I have been told that I am a great listener and I can give honest advice if asked. I also have an amazing ability to keep secrets and I know when to mind my own business.

What are your worst qualities?
These can be attributed to my Star sign: Cancer. My mood swings & hot temper. I also am very easily irritated if I am experiencing a high amount of stress.

Whats your favorite drink?
I was just introduced to Moet Ice Imperial this summer. It is a must! It is best served over ice cubes with Mint Leaves.

What is your favorite exotic car?
Lamborghini over any other! They are very masculine & erotic. The fact that theyre named after bulls is fascinating to me. Vroom Vroom!

Whats your favorite music?
edm! Edm! EDM! And Hip-Hop club-bangers

What is a must have in the bedroom?
I wear Christian Louboutin heels & lingerie. When I was younger I never really understood why women were so into that. Now, I completely understand.

What is something new that you have delved into?
I have fully embraced roleplay & I find it to be a real eye opener.

Are you into toys?
Ummm… not really, except for my incredible, and I do mean INCREDIBLE, Hitachi vibrator. It is actually a small back massager w a powerful head. It uses Wall plug & no batteries.

Do you dom?
You know when I worked at a gentlemens club here (BabyDolls Saloon) we had to spank the bachelor on stage. no joke, I would get the biggest adrenaline rush while I was spanking this guy. It was an immediate high. Just seeing some random guy bent over grabbing his ankles like a bitch and WACK! watching his knees buckle and scream "yes maam can I have another".....Biggest power rush!

Do you watch porn?
I cant tell you how many times Ive been asked this or asked if I have ever done porn. Yes I watch, no Ive never been in any.

Any new photoshoot ideas?
I want to work with SHOW Again before the end of the year. I also want to execute a sheer nylon and exotic car shoot before 2015.

INSTAGRAM: @exotictanya
TWITTER: @exotictanya
FACEBOOK: ModelTanyaRenee

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