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Angellica Mills Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Angellica Mills in SHOW #27

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DESIGNED BY: Chris Kelly, @goonrillabullyboy
HAIR & MAKEUP BY: Angela January, @Angela_January
BOOKING INFO:: @msangelicamillz
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.
Hey there my name is Angelica Mills my friends call me Geli or Gelz. I am from Denver Colorado but I now live in Atlanta Ga. I am a Libra, which describes me to the T! Im fun, unpredictable, indecisive and sometimes I display an unexpected unique sexual side. Besides urban modeling I also work as a spokes-model for a couple virgin hair companies. In my spare time I am all over the place. I love to be somewhere no one knows where I am. I like it even better when I have a sexy, sensual and intellectual companion to accompany me. I am an adrenaline junky, if its anything crazy or spontaneous count me in! With that being said, thank you Sean Cummings for giving me a platform to introduce myself. Lets get to the questions!

Whats something that you like to do in private?
When Im at home I like to wear mens clothing, lol, such as boxers, t-shirts or basketball shorts
What is one thing you cant live without?
Thats simple, FOOD! Food is my weakness and my sense of motivation at the same damn time
What makes you stand out physically, in your opinion?
I would say my skin tone. You cant go wrong with a caramel complexion. My boobies as well. I tend to wear provocative clothing to show them off.
Favorite thing about a man?
The fact that I can act like a baby and get treated like a princess without feeling childish or anything less than the independent woman that I am. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and let someone take the wheel for a change.
Whats your favorite thing physically on a man?
As much as I love a sexy body a fresh fade or taper Mmm… I would have to say his hands. A nice full body rub down will get me right at anytime.
What would you say that makes you different from other women?
I am a silent killer. Most women tend to run their mouths and speak just for the hell of it. The loudest one in the room is usually the most foolish; a wise man holds his tongue and lets others do the talking.
Where can we check in on you for updates?
@msangelicamillz and Google “Angelica Mills Model” for any articles or pictures that I dont put on social networks.

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