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Iceey Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Iceey in BLACKLINGERIE #20

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Hair Stylist: Ketta Kelley - @kettakelleyhair
Make Up Artist: Tanya Miller - @thebeautibot

So Iceey, what made you get into modeling?
Well to be honest I did it because as a young girl someone told me I couldn do it. So I just went for it.

We know its so much hating going on out here (and we know your not a hater) but if there is one thing you hate what would it be?
To be honest I don hate much if anything. But weirdly I can say I hate ladybugs lol. I never knew why.

Whats your natural hair color?
Im a natural blonde. I swear ;)

Do you have any obsessions or what can you live without?
Im totally obsessed with shoes. I can live without getting new shoes all the time :) and of course Lingerie.

If there is one thing you hope to accomplish in your modeling career what would it be?
To be honest this might sound cliché but I want to show women all over they are worth the most. No matter what they are told how they are brought up etc. We are the Queens of the Planet. I just happen to be the Ice Queen.

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