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Deelishis Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Deelishis in BLACK LINGERIE #18

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Deelishis (if the interview doesnt fit, leave it out)

They say "LIFE IS BUT A DREAM" and Ive been dreaming about this life for a long time.
Part of that dream was gracing the cover of the sexiest female feature magazine known to man, SHOW Magazine.
I am the London DEELISHIS Charles and I am a virgin to these hot and sexy sheets. I thank you Sean Cummings for patiently taking my virginity! Lets talk a little about the journey that was taken before this sweet cherry popped!

My entertainment career started several years ago when I appeared and took the winning title on the hit VH1 reality show, The Flavor Of Love II. Since my appearance on the series, Ive done everything in entertainment short of porn and exotic dancing (dont look too deep into my repertoire... you may question the validity of that answer lol). Ive been featured in over 16 national magazines, host my own radio show with Radio-One Detroit, starred in 12 touring stage plays, featured in music videos, made several appearances on urban television, starred and co-starred in 5 featured films, recorded a demo, produced 2 short films for WSHH, started my own jean-line, founded a foundation for women called F.L.A.W. and continuous travel across the country making celebrity appearances at social clubs and night venues.

I took a brief step away from the camera to start a family back in 2010. Ive since then married, divorced and am now single and ready to revamp the promising career that others only dream about. Starting at the top of my game in 2013, Ive been offered my own reality show, which is in full negotiation. My biggest requirement is that it remains true to who I am and of course, SEXY! I get a lot of inquiries from my fans and followers on both my INSTAGRAM (IamDeelishis) and TWITTER (IamDeelishis) asking whats new and when will you see me on TV again...well my sweets its coming soon, but in the meantime heres a quick Q&A with Sean Cummings and SHOW Magazine!

SHOW- Tell us your current measurements
DEELISHIS- 36-26-56

SHOW- How long have you been divorced
DEELISHIS- A little less than a year

SHOW- Are you dating

SHOW-Anyone we know

SHOW- Is it serious
DEELISHIS- Serious enough for sex lol

SHOW- Are you a comfy cottons girl or sexy satin girl
DEELISHIS- Comfy cottons all day

SHOW- How was your SHOW experience
DEELISHIS- Very sexy, and comfortable yet exciting

SHOW- Out of these 3 men, who would you LOVE, LUST, or simply LET your bff date... Drake, Chris Brown, Kevin Hart?
DEELISHIS- LOVE Drake, LUST Kevin Hart and LET my bff date Chris Brown

SHOW- Whats your sexiest body part
DEELISHIS- My dimples

SHOW- What question are you asked the most since your entertainment career started and whats the answer
DEELISHIS- 2 questions. "Did I have sex with Flavor Flav" & "Is my butt fake" the answer is NO to both questions!

SHOW- If someone wants to BOOK YOU who do they contact
DEELISHIS- Keisha Calloway 313-455-6201 or

In closing I thank you my fans and followers for your support over the years and a special thank you to Sean Cummings and SHOW Magazine. I hope to grace these tasty pages again really soon! Muah!

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