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Alexis J. Photos & Videos

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Alexis J.

Hi. My name is Alexis J. I am from the south originally. I was born in Virginia outside of D.C., and then I moved to Colorado for 4 years and then back to the south- Atlanta, Georgia where I grew up until 18 when I moved out to Cali. I got my Bachelors in Clinical Nutrition and I am now working on my Masters in Public Health Nutrition and my Registered Dietitian credential.

My measurements are hips: 33, waist: 24, and bust: 34D. I have been modeling off and on for 4 years. I consider myself new to modeling because I have not really immersed myself into it thus far and I have not done much. Just promotional modeling and independent freelance type stuff.

This is my first appearance in SHOW Magazine and I am excited! The photo shoot was really fun. I like to get my makeup and hair done. Everyone was really professional, fun, and cool. The shoot was a good way to express myself and show off how sexy I am. "Sexy" is more than just a hot, soft, curvy body. Sexy is confidence, originality, and realness. Confidence is the most important characteristic for a guy to have to be sexy. I do not like guys who try to control my life and who are insecure about themselves. I need my freedom in the relationship but I also need a man who can express his feelings about what he would like from me in our relationship and the future of our relationship.

Outside of modeling, I would like to finish my Masters in Public Health and become a Registered Dietitian and someday a Certified Sports Dietitian. I am interested in nutrition because I hope to have a family of my own someday and I believe that health is a gift.
I enjoy running, swimming, and scrapbooking- I enjoy working out but I am also artsy and like to do crafts and such.

As for the entertainment industry, I am interested in working on anything worthwhile. I do not have a lot of time because I am in school so I have to be selective with what I do. I am interested in all aspects of the entertainment industry - print, film, and music.
If you would like to book me please email me at: and let me know what the email is about in the subject line. Thank you!

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Alexis J.
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