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ISSUE #7 - June 2007 - Cover: Dolicia

162 Photos / 5 Galleries / now online.

Issue #7 marked the first cover and official appearance of top model Dollicia. It is also part two of two of "The Evolution of Sexy". It includes the black and white veritae style we introduced in issue #5, however, it also included our traditional seamless style of photography along with our now traditional black lingerie.

However, without a doubt, Dollicia is the most significant happening in this issue. Another significant development to come with issue #7 was our first use of an alternate cover. Cover B featured a a sexy black and white portrait of Megan, Dollicia and Ashley. Certainly a collectors item so make sure you go to the site and pick your up!
Photos: 5 Galleries Online
Photos: 162 Photos Online
Photos: 113.4 MB of Photos Online
Issue: ISSUE #7

Release Date: June 2007
Cover Girl: DOLICIA
Dollicia Photos
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