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Desana M Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Desana M in BLACK LINGERIE #29

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Desana M

PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine__
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
HAIR STYLIST: Al Ingram, @AlSexyHair
MAKEUP ARTIST: Kat Jan, @mexikat
BOOKING INFO:: @desanamoses
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

Hello, I go by Desana M was born in Belgium which is in Europe I lived there for about 14 years have always been modeling since a little girl for clothing line such as baby Gap and United colors of Benetton after taking years off for modeling in my childhood I moved to Florida with my family were there I became more involved in the "model world" rekindling what I had left off in Europe learning more and more about the industry. As I got older I met some celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles California where I then worked with her where she landed me my first booking for straight stunting magazine, which is eight urban magazines that is sold. From that point forward I was blessed to Grace many other urban magazine such as black mens magazine Don diva Magazine Street stunting magazine hip-hop weekly etc. Ive been landed in multiple music videos as well as started to host events with different celebrities and sports players. Now I am still shooting but have launched my new fashion line where I incorporate my unique designs in my photo shoots. I am blessed enough to have a beautiful unique look for the camera and look forward to gracing more magazines and having the world know about my brand as well. Over all I thank all of my supporters and most of all thank myself for being dedicated.

What do you like most about yourself?
I truly love my face I believe I have a very unique face and very beautiful features so a lot of people are drawn to my eyes!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love to go to the spa and I love to travel I love learning new cultures and love meeting new people wherever I go I have always been a very sociable person so I look forward to socializing during my travels as well as learning! Currently I am school now for athletics and will be branching out more with my mobile spa LLC

Do you have any projects coming up?
Yes well of course I have my beautiful spread and show magazine!!! Also lookout for more publications with some urban magazines that will be hitting the streets early spring. I have photo shoots coming up for my fashion line where you can follow @fashionchic365 and shop trendy styles on

Do you have any words of wisdom for your followers and Fan base?
Yes like I always say stick with your dreams and work toward your goals nobody can do it but you being lucky is one thing but when you really work for what you want in life you will feel so much prouder and people will see your hard work and dedication never give up always stay loyal to yourself and never follow the crowd you can follow trends but never follow the crowd do whats in your heart

How can your Fan base and followers connect with you?
Well first I want to say thank you show magazine for giving me the opportunity to grace your pages with my beauty!! Thank you Alexis Burnett (@alexisb2u) for being a great shoot director and coaching me! Also want thank Kat Jan (@mexikat) for an amazing make up job!! And Nicki for wardrobe! All of my social medias are active feel free to drop me a line anytime I would love to talk to people get to know people and see how we can relate to one another!! So please dont forget to check out my fashion line @fashionchic365 great fashions coming this year check them out dont be shy!!!

INSTAGRAM: @desanamoses
TWITTER: @desana88
SHAPCHAT: @desana88

Thanks again till next time! Xoxo

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