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Allie Verseau Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Allie Verseau in BLACK LINGERIE #28

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Allie Verseau

PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine__
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
HAIR STYLIST: Christian, @christianthemua
MAKEUP ARTIST: Christian, @christianthemua
BOOKING INFO:: @allieverseau
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

I am Allie Verseau.
I am an All-American sweetheart from Dallas. I have been modeling for about two years and I love it! My first appearance was in Show Magazine #28 and my career has been flourishing since! I am a very hardworking, dedicated person. I always come to photo shoots prepared mentally and physically. People tend to think that modeling is easy, and let me tell you, it is not! I am always up for the challenge though! I never saw myself as a model like most little girls do! I grew up very overweight and did not get in shape until about 18 or so. I now understand the importance of maintaining a healthy figure and I work very hard to do so. I think your looks are very important in todays world and can help you succeed in life; so maintaining myself is my number one goal and focus at all times.

How would you describe your sex life?
I am very adventurous. I am also very open-minded and am up for whatever. When I am really in the mood, I prefer threesomes with another girl and a guy. But day-to-day, I prefer one-on-one with a man.

Would you consider yourself a gold digger?
Technically, yes but I think most people think of a gold digger as a girl who brings nothing to the table but her looks and would prefer to look pretty and shop all day. While I do require my man to have money, it is not to live off of him; I will always have my own. Having money shows drive, determination, passion, patience and discipline, which are all very important personality traits to me.

What is your dream job?
My dream is to be an owner of multiple businesses. I am fascinated with business and how it all works! I am in love with many types of businesses and I can see myself running businesses in all different fields. I am a true workaholic and would love the challenge of owning and running multiple businesses.

Who are some of your role models?
Marilyn Monroe for being ahead of her time and not being afraid to show her beauty and sexuality. Kim Kardashian for turning her popularity into and empire that will take care of her and her entire family for a very long time. Elizabeth Holmes for becoming the worlds youngest self-made female billionaire at age 26.

INSTAGRAM: @allieverseau
TWITTER: @allieverseau

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