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Carly Jo Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Carly Jo in ART OF SEXY # 5

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PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOWMagazine_
GRAPHIC DESIGN: @cmkdesigns
HAIR STYLIST: Al Ingram, @AlSexyHair
MAKEUP ARTIST: Angela January, @Angela_January
BOOKING INFO:: @carly_the_italian_barbie
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

My name is Carly Jo aka Joey. I am Italian and Irish with a little bit of French. I am 51 in a half (can forget the half). My sizes are 42 hips waist 28 chest 34DD. My birthday is April 3rd witch makes me an Aries so watch out Im very independent and take control. I was born and raised in good old Minnesota but reside in California. I moved to Cali a few months ago to get my modeling career going. I am a very humble, caring, easy going person and great to work with.

So be on the look out and keep up with me here:

INSTAGRAM: @carly_the_italian_barbie
TWITTER: italian_barbie_

Why did you choose to do nude?
Ive always been secure about my body and am not ashamed to hide it. One day I hope to get into playboy.

What are your sexiest assets?
I would have to say that I have always loved my eye shape/color and also my lips. But overall I love my thickness.

What do you look for in a man?
I would say I look for a good personality, someone who can make me laugh but no doubt you have to have the 5 Cs, witch are career, credit, crib, car and cell. Ive dealt with too many users, so if I have the 5 Cs, so should you!

What turns you off?
It turns me off when a man is totally conceited and into himself. You can be the finest man and you open that mouth and talk about yourself and are narcissistic youll become ugly in 2 seconds, if a guy isn so cute but makes me laugh and I enjoy his company Ill go for him over the looks any day oh and also if a guy is on his phone at dinner… total turn off.

What type of guys do you go for?
I usually date mixed guys, but I don discriminate any other race as you can imagine with my thickness white guys never really hit on me.

Describe your favorite date?
Yes my favorite date would be going to Dave and busters. It will break the awkward shyness out of both of us, plus then Ill get to see your inner kid and see if youre outgoing and fun.

Where did you get the name Italian Barbie and if your name is Carly-Jo why do they call you Joey?
My favorite Dj Charlie always called me Italian Barbie and it just stuck with me. It didn help that I use to drive a white and pink charger so I always got called a Barbie. My real name is Carly-Jo but my whole family calls me Joey for short.

What are your weaknesses?
Oh man I would have to say a back rub all over my body and kissing of my inner thighs. Its over after that haha.

Are you a total girly girl?
I love putting on make up and getting all dolled up, but don let that girl fool you. I used to be a Tomboy. I always played sports so Im very strong and competitive so when its time to work in the yard Im the best youll find, any lifting or getting things done Im the girl to call.

What are some of your flaws?
Id say my flaws are that Im way too nice. People take my niceness for a weakness, its the good family I come from, I love doing things for people but I have to learn to do it for the right people. My other flaw is that sometimes I care too much on what others think about me. I need to learn those are their opinions and people will always hate and try to bring you down. Im here happy living life and uplifting other women to do great.

Cell: 651-808-2246
Management: 612-559-9028

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