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Tiffany Turner Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Tiffany Turner in BLACK LINGERIE #16

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Hello and welcome to my first appearance in SHOW Magazine. Im happy to be a part of SHOW and I hope you enjoy my spread (no pun intended)! Ill start you off with the basics… My name is Tiffany Turner. I measure in at 53” 34B-27-40. I currently live in NYC but Pittsburgh, PA is my hometown, so you already know Im repping the Steelers! I have a multicultural background. I am a mixture of Italian, German, Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, Native American and French. I know its a mouthful!

I am a true Gemini. I am ambitious and versatile. Intelligence intrigues me and I love to learn new things. Loyalty, generosity and honesty are ideals I try to live by. While I am quite the multi-tasker, I am also a very family oriented person. There is no better way to bring family together than food, so I love to cook!

Ive appeared in several magazines and music videos, but I do have aspirations outside of modeling. I am a RN-BSN (Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree). I am currently in a graduate program and in 2013 I will be graduating with my Masters degree as an ANP (Adult Nurse Practitioner). After I pass state boards I will be able to see my own patients. So watch out I may be in a hospital near you!

To me, sexy is something that exudes from the inside out. Its more than just a look; its a certain style and allure. Its powerful and demands attention. Everyone has some sexy in them; they just have to feel comfortable enough in their own skin for it to show. There is something about a man with strong, broad shoulders that drives me crazy. I love a man that handles his business, a mans man. I like mine strong and aggressive! Other characteristics that attract me to a man are humor, intelligence, humility, generosity and manners. There is nothing sexier to me than a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead! My ideal night is staying in, watching a movie and fixing dinner for my man. What comes next is for grown folks! Im very playful and Ill take an ordinary situation and turn it into a night youll never forget.

I have a lot of hobbies. I love to dance. I have formal training in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern and hip-hop as well as all four apparatuses in gymnastics. I competed nationally in both dance and gymnastics throughout my childhood and adolescence. I am also a former western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves champion. I still spar occasionally, but I dont fight anymore. I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 37 states, so when Im upstate I like to go to the range and shoot; it helps to relieve stress. Im partial to 9mms; my Glock 19 is my favorite.

For those of you who have been following me along the way I want to say thank you for all of your love and support. I truly appreciate you! Like what you see? Follow me on twitter @Tiffany_Turner

My website, is coming soon...
Booking: @Tiffany_Turner
Tiffany Turner

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