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KaMeRoN DaSH Photos & Videos

SGE Content for KaMeRoN DaSH in SHOW #20

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AGE: N/A | FROM: San Diego, CA | FEATURED IN: SHOW #20

Hello SHOW magazine,

Im ready for the world to know my name = ] My name is Kameron Dash and I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Im 53 and my measurements are 34-27-38. I moved to San Diego about 2 years ago for a move that would completely change my life. I guess you could say I finally found my passion. I started modeling, doing free- lance make up work, as well as becoming a runway instructor. Dont let the short-ness fool you, I can walk like Im 58 and do it well, while in 6inch heels.

About a year ago, My best friend and I had put together a fashion show for charity. That experience opened me up to a whole new passion and drive. I realized then I loved being behind the scenes just as much as I loved being in front of the camera, and the fact that it was helping out a charity made it all the more worth it. I would love to put on more fashion shows.

Im a proud Sagitarrius and am known for being honest, sometimes too honest. Im a complete goof ball but only people close to me know that. I guess Im a people observer, when I first meet people I tend to be very quiet and most take that the wrong way (as being stuck up). I have many tattoos and most have deep meanings and for this I have a barcode on the back of my neck. My barcode represents "always being labeled as something Im not". Tattoos to me are a way of expression. I love my friends and family and my favorite hobby is watching movies, you wont catch me in the club much, unless Im getting paid that is = ].

As for a love life, #dead LOL. I would love to say I have a boyfriend but Im Solo bolo. For now, Im focused on me and my little momma, shes the love of my life. My SHOW shoot experience was absolutely amazing. I loved shooting with Nick and the whole Slickforce team, the girls that I met were friendly and have now become like family, and Beauti is just a one-of-a-kind, shes the best. Most importantly, cant forget Sean Cummings, he made the opportunity possible. Big thanks to all of them!! Keep a look out, because me, this smile, and blonde streak aint going anywhere. xoxo

Catch me at:

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