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Jenna Shea Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Jenna Shea in BLACK LINGERIE #12

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As you all know SHOW is all about the Art of Sexy, and if you have the confidence within yourself your beauty will shine through, and that is what the Art of Sexy is about. My name is Jenna Shea and Im back for another cover of SHOW magazine. Im super excited to grace another Black Lingerie issue. I am so lucky to work with Sean Cummings again.

Ive been focusing on my website My fan base has been growing wildly on the internet. Im infamous for my camera phone pix. Guys love real images and video of me doing regular things. I want my site to be perfect. Im a Virgo so Im a perfectionist and I want the sexiest galleries and videos just for you! I have so many requests for webcam videos, and one on one time with my fans. I will also have a blog for my updates.

Ive been hosting parties from Miami to LA and Texas. I love meeting new people and I treat fans as friends. Come up to me and say hi. I dont bite. *Wink*. Also dont be afraid to ask for a picture I love taking pictures. I live for this! 

Some things you might not know about me is that I love hip-hop, especially west coast music. I was raised in Inglewood, California. Some of my favorite artists include Easy-E , Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Nipsey Hustle, Gmalone , Mack 10, Tupac, Hot Dolla, Crooked i, Game, and of course Snoop.

I also love Chevys! I have a Camero myself and I get down and dirty. My dad always said you can tell a lot about a man by what he drives and how clean he keeps it. I love a manly man one who takes charge, and if you can fix a car, even better. Its the biggest turn-on ever!

To all my fans I want to say thank you I appreciate your support! Come follow me on twitter and visit my website coming soon xoxo

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