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Tahiti Cora Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Tahiti Cora in SHOW #18 EAST

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My name is Tahiticora, I am 25 years old and I am a mix of French, Hawaiian and Tahitian. Many of you must have seen me on the internet or TV through my Xbox video which was viewed more than a million times in just 30 days. Shooting for SHOW was a very important step in my career and I definitely hope to renew it in the future.

Outside my modeling, I am very passionate about everything that relates to art. I especially love Japanese and Egyptian antiques. I enjoy sports of course, mostly surfing, and I love to travel. On my free time I like to go shopping with my girl friends and buy all the sexy stuffs I can get. I am lucky enough to be able to wear anything and look sexy, and I must say that I love to get all the attention I can get. I have a tendency to wear sexy skirts and high heels all the time. I think it must be the French side in me as I think a good looking girl is something very artistic and pleasing to look at, and therefore an attractive girl must dress accordingly…

I must also say that it really feels great to be sexy and have all these men looking at me. To me it is a great turn on. As to how things started, I was first pursuing a major in business management. Once I completed my studies, I decided to try modeling. As I always loved marketing, I thought I first needed to reach the masses in order to make a name for myself. I decided to post sexy videos on YouTube and it was an instant success. It made me very happy as I never had an agent and did everything on my own. And now I am lucky enough to end up in this fantastic magazine that SHOW is.

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Tahiti Cora
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