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Sivan Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Sivan in SHOW #18 EAST

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I was born Sivan Krispin on May 15th, 1985 in Jerusalem, Israel :) In my childhood years in Israel, I probably experienced more than any average kid ever did. Obviously I had a loving family, but the thoughts of having to wear gas masks and stay in basements throughout the war years still shock me. Luckily, in 2005 my parents moved us to California :)

Getting thrown into school with no English at such a young age where kids still make fun of each other was really tough but I learned fast and by high school I was already settled down. High school was not nice to me ha-ha. I was teased for being too skinny and flat chested and never hung out with the popular crowd. When I started to develop lol (yes, my boobs are real) I started getting more attention and wanted to give modeling a try.

I was a hairstylist right after high school but not for too long since I started getting very good offers in the modeling world. Ive been lucky enough to be featured on;; and many more come up when you Google lol: p I kind of dont like thinking about the future. I take everyday as it comes and just enjoying life :) Right now I live in Long Beach, CA - walking distance from the beach and I love it.

I love the simple things in life such as wine, sushi...dining out or talking to a good friend. Im working on a secret project right now (so check back) and I have a solo scene in the movie Piranha 3D coming out on the big screen this August so is out on the lookout! Thanks for reading, - I love talking back to my fans and uploading new pics on so please follow me: p

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