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Kristina K. Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Kristina K. in SHOW #18 EAST

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My name is Kristina Kasiyan and I am Armenian and Russian. In 1991, during the fall of the Soviet Union, my family and I came to America to start a better life. I grew up in Lansing, Michigan, which I call HOME. At an early age, I fell in love with being in front of the camera. I made my mom take endless pictures of me in different poses in every outfit I owned. Throughout elementary and high school, I took acting classes because I loved being on stage and expressing myself through a monologue or play.

After graduating high school, I was accepted to Michigan State University. School always came natural to me, I loved going to class, I didnt mind homework, and the teachers never bothered me. However, I knew deep inside, I wanted more than what Lansing, Michigan had to offer. After completing my bachelors degree in Telecommunications from MSU, (Go Spartans!!) I decided to pack my bags and move out West!

Being an only child, my parents were not too thrilled about my drastic plan, but after hours of reassuring that everything was for the best, they understood. I knew leaving Lansing would be a huge move, but my passion to pursue my acting career was far greater than my fear of change.

Moving to Los Angeles, CA was the best decision Ive made. Living in LA has allowed me the opportunity to be apart of big budget movies, popular TV shows, many photo shoots, intense acting classes and countless other projects.

I would describe myself as a very outgoing, witty, silly, and caring individual. I do not drink, or smoke, but I love junk food! I have an infatuation with luxury cars, hip-hop music, gangster movies, video games, and FOOD. A perfect day for me would be eating pizza, listening to Eminem, and playing Xbox all while sitting in the back of a Maybach. I believe laughter is the key to a long life, so I never take myself too seriously. I love making silly YouTube videos, telling jokes, and voicing my opinion on social networking sites.

Currently, I am working on joining the Screen Actors Guild, in hopes of getting a good agent to help me land that BREAKTHROUGH role. For more information about different projects and me I have been in, please visit

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