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Brenda Lynn Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Brenda Lynn in SHOW #17

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AGE: N/A | FROM: New Jersey | FEATURED IN: SHOW #17

Say hello again to Brenda Lynn. Brenda is a 5 1 Puerto Rican beauty who is now appearing in SHOW for the third time. This voluptuous vixen has taken the industry by storm since her debut. Brenda has appeared in numerous hit music videos as well as being Miss Howard Stern TV 2008. Born in NJ, she has been modeling seriously for almost four years now and hopefully we will be seeing more and more of her for years to come. She is a rare all natural stunning beauty with a unique look that can quiet a crowd with her mere presence. She took the time to answer a few questions for us after the photo shoot because we know you are interested in the article, not just the pictures.... Here is what she had to say...

When did you start modeling?

I started 4 years or so years ago now taking pictures with photographers and trying to get them out there any way I could. My first break in modeling was appearing in Show Magazines Latina Lovers Edition. That opened a lot of opportunities for me. I had a large following online but was not getting the phone calls until this appearance. Soon after, I was being asked to appear in music videos and was featured in other magazines.
It was a great experience and one I am extremely appreciative for.

What do you want people to think when they see your photos?

It depends on what I am posing for. For the most part I would just
like people to really look at them and try to appreciate them as a
work of art. To me this is an art form, as well as a career path,
and a way of expressing ones self in a variety of ways. But no matter
how someone looks at the pictures, I hope they like them.

Do you have the temper that Puerto Rican girls are rumored to have?

I dont know if it is a temper as much as it is deep passion. I put
passion into the things I care about most; sometimes it is love and
sometimes it is hate. When its used for fighting, that passion may
come across as a temper, but when Im being a lover, that passion comes
across as something you can only dream about.

Where will we be seeing you next?

I actually just did a collaboration with Primitive which is a
skate/shoe/clothing store in Encino, Ca. You will be seeing me on
some of their products. As of right now that is, it but who knows
where I will be in the future. One place you will always be able to
find me is Facebook!

What are you doing when you are not behind the camera?

I am still residing in Jersey, going to school fulltime and pursuing my other dreams that I had set aside. Im definitely staying busy and focused and not ever settling for less... I think its the Latina in me. Xo Brenda Lynn.


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