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Kelly Devine Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Kelly Devine in SHOW PEARLS #14

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AGE: N/A | FROM: San Fernando Valley, CA | FEATURED IN: SHOW PEARLS #14
PHOTOS BY: Nick Saglimbeni,
STYLING BY: Megan Halpin,
KEY MAKEUP ARTIST: Gaby Ramos using MAC Cosmetics
MAKE UP ARTIST: David Rodriguez using MAC Cosmetics

I loved to party and have fun and I rarely got into trouble, or at least I rarely got caught!

A little about me...I guess Ill start at the beginning. I was born on July 3, 1984 in Chester, Pa. Its a small city just south of Philly. When I was 19, I started modeling part time but as I became bored and needed a change. I quit my 9 to 5 and decided to be a web cam model for a few months. From there I just found myself going deeper and deeper into the adult industry until I ended up where I am today. The details of my life are pretty crazy. Maybe one day Ill tell you more about it ;) but for now this is all I want to share about the past. I have learned a lot and I know for sure that every girl in this world has a destiny, and this was mine. I have no regrets although it would have been nice going through life knowing what I know now. Would have saved me a lot of heartache, time, and disappointment on my way here! But if I didnt go through all that I have I probably wouldnt appreciate all that I have now.
Im glad to say that Im pretty busy these days. I work a lot. Im always busy with photo shoots, scenes for new movies and websites, and of course shooting content for my own super hot website, Lets see...what else? Growing up I was the oldest of 7 kids. I played basketball and softball and I was actually pretty good ;) My moms family is Italian and my fathers family is Irish. It was fun growing up having to go back and forth between them, lol. I was a good student. I usually took advanced classes in high school so I guess I was kind of a nerd in that sense. I had a lot of friends, mostly boys. I always seemed to get along better with them and was a tom-boy pretty much all through school. I loved to party and have fun and I rarely got into trouble, or at least I rarely got caught! I love animals and get attached to them like crazy. I love food and will eat almost anything, except pig ears, pig feet, or gizzards. Eww. I like to cook too. I listen to all kinds of music but my favorite genre is Hip-Hop. I watch a lot of Court TV and A&E. I also like to watch movies; my favs are action and comedy. I like watching football and basketball and I strongly support all of the Philly teams!

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