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Kim Lee Photos & Videos

SGE Content for Kim Lee in ISSUE #13

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AGE: N/A | FROM: Los Angeles, CA | FEATURED IN: ISSUE #13
"Its hard to get inside my heart. But once youre in, theres no place better"

I am a young woman living between orange county California and Los Angeles; I work as a part time model when I am not helping with the family business up in LA. I grew up very quickly but I always kept my old fashioned values at the same time as having as much fun as humanly possible.

Free time is usually spent doing things to better myself, working out, shopping, taking pictures, and paying my bills. To relax, I sing my head off in the shower or practice on the piano. I love to dance in my free time just like I do in the music videos I have featured in. I choose my friends carefully; its hard to get inside my heart. But once youre in theres no place better (so I am told).

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