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ISSUE #8 - September 2007 - Cover: Kalia

379 Photos / 36 Galleries / now online.

Our first Annual Latina Lovers Collectors Issue is quickly becoming our next classic. This is our most vibrant and colorful magazine to date. Hands down, from back to front, it is filled with dime after dime.

Cover model Kalia established the SHOW record for most pages at 20 in this issue. Brenda, who is on the alternate cover, is however the hottest thing in the whole magazine. We did and entire DVD (Vol. #3) on this issue alone. Korrina, Alexis, Pam Rodriguez and Monique are also must
Photos: 36 Galleries Online
Photos: 379 Photos Online
Photos: 265.3 MB of Photos Online
Issue: ISSUE #8

Release Date: September 2007
Cover Girl: KALIA
Alexis Lopez Photos
Alexis Lopez
34 Photos
Brenda Lynn Photos
Brenda Lynn
27 Photos
Christina Photos
47 Photos
Delicia Photos
24 Photos
Estelita Photos
21 Photos
J Santi Photos
J Santi
38 Photos
Kalia Photos
40 Photos
Monique Minor Photos
Monique Minor
33 Photos
Nani Nicole Photos
Nani Nicole
38 Photos
Pam R Photos
Pam R
22 Photos
Sandra Photos
22 Photos
Suave Photos
33 Photos

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