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ISSUE #13 - February 2009 - Cover: Daphne Joy

953 Photos / 26 Galleries / now online.

Welcome to SHOW East. Our newest incarnation features the culturally diverse women of Asia and the Middle East. Asia is a vast continent with over half the worlds population, coming in at slightly under four billion people, countless ethnicities, ancient civilizations and the worlds two most populous countries, China and India.

With this new title, we hope to expose our readers to a multitude of beautiful models form exotic and distant locales such as Thailand, The Philippines, Turkey and Pasadena, CA.

Thats right, many of the worlds hottest Asian women are American like you and me, and we are better off because of that fact. For us beauty is an external manifestation of a womans heart and soul.

We celebrate that beauty regardless of race or nationality. However, we also recognize and pay tribute to what makes us uniquely special and ultimately all the same, our differences.
Photos: 26 Galleries Online
Photos: 953 Photos Online
Photos: 667.1 MB of Photos Online
Issue: ISSUE #13

Release Date: February 2009
Cover Girl: DAPHNE JOY
Christine Photos
7 Photos
Daphne Joy Photos
Daphne Joy
19 Photos
Justene Photos
348 Photos
Kim Lee Photos
Kim Lee
9 Photos
Kristina Photos
253 Photos
Maya Photos
17 Photos
Monique May Photos
Monique May
16 Photos
My Photos
17 Photos
Nadia Photos
17 Photos
Natalin Photos
16 Photos
Nina Mascuana Photos
Nina Mascuana
13 Photos
Rachel   Photos
192 Photos
Reinna Photos
29 Photos

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