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Photos: Enrique Romero Photography




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My name is Liam Lucky, I am Latina, 100% Puerto Rican. I am very proud of Puerto Rico and proud to represent my island. Even though I am all Puerto Rican I have very fair skin and striking blue eyes, so what more can you want in a Puerto Rican woman. I live in Orlando, FL where I do a variety of modeling and also music videos for the Latin market. I am an Aquarius, which means I love the water; being around the water is one of my joys. I guess you can say I am a work out fanatic, I work out 5 days a week, rain or shine; I also teach dance and zumba classes. I am very goal oriented and besides developing a very successful modeling career, I am working toward owning my own dance and exercise academy, as well as, creating a foundation to support and help those afflicted with cancer. Like any woman I love shopping⦠clothes and shoes always call my name. LOL another of my secretes is that I love to cook and eat Puerto Rican foods. I guess thatâs why I go to the gym so much⦠jajaja I have done many photo shoots and videos, however, I must say the one I did with Enrique Romero was one of the most enjoyable ones. Since the time he began talking to me about the Puerto Rico Flag Photo Shoot I became interested. I love my island of Puerto Rico and am honored to do a Photo Shoot with the Puerto Rican flag. In Puerto Rico I had my own dance troupe called PUERTO RICO LUCKY DANCERS and also participated in PUERTO RICO FACE TOP MODEL 2013 PAGEANT.

Measurements: 36C - 26 - 36

Score: 3.8* (121 total votes)

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